Meet Our Team!

Welcome to Why Inspect LLC Home Inspections, where decades of seasoned expertise in the construction industry translate into a meticulous and comprehensive approach to inspecting homes.

Steve Wasilefsky

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Steve has built houses, managed construction projects and dedicated his career to ensuring buildings and structures meet the strict design criteria specified.

Having seamlessly integrated his college education with practical construction work, Steve brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and on-site proficiency to the realm of home inspection. His journey began by constructing houses while pursuing his degree, laying the groundwork for a deep understanding of building design and construction principles.

What sets Steve apart is not just his extensive background but his multifaceted roles in the construction industry. From managing construction projects and inspecting job sites to performing field investigations and building conditional assessments, he has honed a skill set that goes beyond the ordinary.

Steve is not just an inspector; he is a seasoned professional with a track record of identifying potential issues and deficiencies.

Driven by a desire to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with others, Steve pursued and earned his InterNACHI Home Inspector License.

Isaac Wasilefsky

Isaac has been in or around construction nearly his whole life, fueling a curiosity about the built environment which led him to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering at Auburn University. There he became interested in process improvement in the construction field. This pursuit appealed to Isaac’s observation skills as well as a problem-solving mentality. Diving further into the field, he continued his studies at the University of California, Berkeley where he completed his Civil Engineering Master’s degree in Engineering and Project Management.

From there, he worked as a field engineer for the Boldt Company, a national general contractor. His first project was constructing a ground up hospital in San Francisco. The stringent seismic and safety requirements imposed on hospitals demands special attention to details in a highly complex structure, something Isaac was well suited to handle. His next project saw him as a project engineer, moving him from the field into the office where he would communicate directly with owners, architects, and subcontractors. There he would take problems encountered in the field and translate them into actionable items for the architect and owner to address and resolve.

During COVID, Isaac took a break from construction and partnered with his mother to develop and launch a plant based ice cream shop. There, he leveraged his interests in efficiency and his detail oriented nature as a business owner. This new role allowed him to turn his attention to his community, becoming involved with the Chamber of Commerce, the City, and, ultimately, the president of the local merchant’s association.

Now Isaac is combining both his construction background with his community centric interests through home inspection. Working with individuals and homeowners on what matters most to them—having a safe and secure place to live. We spend most of our lives in a built environment, shouldn’t we feel confident about it?

Choosing Why Inspect LLC for your home inspection means selecting a partner with a deep understanding of construction intricacies, a commitment to safety, and a passion for helping others make informed decisions about their homes. Your peace of mind is our priority, and it begins with Why Inspect LLC Home Inspections.